Presented by Justice and Beyond, the 5th annual Hoops for Justice tournament is to honor the legacy of SHANTEL DAVIS & KIMANI GRAY. It is held at Tilden Park, on E. 49th St and Tilden Avenue in Brooklyn. Two substitutes max, Ages 11-18. You can come as a team or individual players. #hoopsforjustice17 . 

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On 7/21/2013, Kyam Decol Livingston died in a police holding cell in Brooklyn's central bookings jail. The scholarship we are promoting in Kyam's name is a way to encourage awareness and activism in the struggle against racist police murders and racial profiling. It is a way to make sure that Kyam's life will be remembered and her death will not have been in vain. Ms Anita Neal (Kyam’s mother) and the Committee for Justice for Kyam proposes to give the award to three of the top graduating students at the Ditmas Junior High School. 

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Kyam Livingston: Award for Scholarship

and Commitment to Social Justice

​​​​The Len Ragozin Foundation’s mission is to encourage debate and discussion of trends in progressive politics, explore cutting edge practices in the area of social activism, develop cultural projects that explore areas of progressive issues and provide charitable assistance to individuals and groups striving to improve their long-term situation though increased education and/or gain meaningful experience in an ​area of community service.

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PROFILED is a 53 minute documentary about racial profiling & police brutality.
    PROFILED knits the stories of mothers of black and Latin youth murdered by the NYPD into a powerful indictment of racial profiling and police brutality, and places them within a historical context of the roots of racism in the U.S.
Ranging from the routine harassment of minority students in an affluent Brooklyn neighborhood to the killings and protests in Staten Island and Ferguson, Missouri, Profiled bears witness to the racist violence that remains an everyday reality for black and Latin people in this country and gives us a window on one of the burning issues of our time.

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Progressive Ideas in Practice

We seek to provide support for groups working on new, innovative ways to put progressive ideas into practice. Groups working on topics from education to immigration are challenged to create thoughtful, practical ways to bring about meaningful change in a measurable way in the real world.

   We are fully aware that any single attempt to put ideas into practice may not result in measurable change on a large scale. We are interested in the organized attempt and the originality of the approach. We are committed to the process of experimentation while being patient with the measurement of outcomes. The interaction of ideas with efforts at implementation is a protracted one that we believe will enrich the experience of the groups involved.

 advancing progressive ideas and actions

Dykin Browm was falsely charged for first degree murder in Virginia. Police were conspiring with one false witness to frame Dykin despite three witnesses who gave him an alibi for the time of the killing. Thanks to the fund raised by the Len Ragozin Foundation and the family, and the diligent work of their attorney the prosecution has dismissed all charges.

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See PROFILED: The Documentary

VICTORY for Dykim Brown

HOOPS for JUSTICE: 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament, 9am, Sat., Aug. 5, DJ & Food