​​ advancing progressive ideas and actions

Aspiring Writers Mentoring

The aspiring writers mentoring program of the National Writers Union Service Organization (NWUSO) started in February 2015 with nine writing trainees.The NWUSO’s mentoring program is for enthusiasts who are in schools and universities as well as those in local communities. It is part of the effort of experienced writers to bring out the voices and stories of “unheard” ordinary people, workers, and women of color. Continue Reading ...

Youth Action through Labor

The project ran from July 9 to July 21, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. In addition to running study groups and participating in AFT events, YAL held a three-day conference that led to a successful march in Murrieta against anti-immigrant racism. The project consisted of a total of 50 participants. There were 20 high school educators and 30 students from Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC, and San Antonio, Texas Over 15 locals joined us for workshops from AFT events and literature distributions. Continue reading ...


Educational Projects

Education is an important weapon. We seek to provide resources for educational activities focused on social change, development of new leaders and the creation of forums in which to advance progressive ideas.

     We support educational projects that improve the learning opportunities of underserved communities, look to use new methods and philosophies that create increased access to learning, and educational projects that lead people to become active in improving their own communities as well as the world as a whole.