At 1:30am on the morning of December 1st, 2016, a young mother of three children, Tychelle Johnson, was shot and killed in her home. Her three children were present as well as the father of the children, Tyvell Morris.

Morris claims that a stranger was about to open the front door. Morris claims that he fired at the intruder. He blames this stranger for the killing of Ms. Johnson and wounding of himself. Morris claims he ran out of the house, first saying he was chasing the killer, then saying he was looking for the police.

Yet the only gun recovered in the case was a revolver found in the bathroom of the apartment, far away from the front door. In addition, there were bullet fragments in the kitchen but none on the front door.

Dykim Brown was a friend dating Tychelle Johnson. This infuriated the ex-boyfriend, and father of her children, Tyvell Morris. In fact, Tyvell Morris sought out Dykim in person in the weeks before the shooting to threaten him if there was any further contact with Ms. Johnson. 

Five days after the killing of Ms. Johnson, the police arrested Dykim Brown. He was charged with murder based on a police organized photo identification by Tyvell Morris! Morris did not admit that he already knew, and had contact with, Dykim Brown. He lied, saying that he was identifying a man who was a stranger to him until the night of the killing.

There are many more disturbing, contradictory lies in the case. Most important of all, Dykim’s family insists he was at home with them at the time of the killing. Yet the police have charged Dykim Brown with first-degree murder.           

Funds are urgently needed to hire a qualified lawyer prepared to fight this case, and expose the lies that has framed Dykim for a murder he did not commit. Please support this important campaign.

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