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Justice for Michael Brown Project

There are moments in history, turning points that lead to significant social and political changes in our society. The murder of Michael Brown, a young unarmed black man shot by the police on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri was such a moment. While police shootings have always occurred, and continue to occur, the angry, militant response of the workers of Ferguson, and surrounding St. Louis County, sparked a national movement that continues to grow. “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” became a national, indeed an international, rallying cry.

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Hoops for Justice

The Len Ragozin Foundation is primarily dedicated to supporting progressive social ideas through distributing Grants to worthy applicants. We have provided a number of these grants and are pleased with the results. This model, however, presents limitations when working with individuals and small groups not organized into traditional structures such as nonprofits. A great deal of important work is being done at a truly grassroots level; a family organizing local social events for youth in their neighborhood to build a strong, united community; a mother campaigning for justice in the death of her child while in police custody.
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Justice for Dykim Brown Project

Community Building Initiative

“Hoops for Justice” was founded in July 2013 in remembrance of Shantel Davis & Kimani Gray, young lives that were taken by NYPD. Dozens of young men and their supporters will assemble to compete in a basketball tournament unlike any other in the neighborhood this summer. They compete not only for prizes and prestige, but also to stand for a positive vision of their community. This tournament was brought together by tragedy and now we want to bring the community together in celebration of Shantel & Kimani’s life. Continue reading ....

At 1:30am on the morning of December 1st, 2016, a young mother of three children, Tychelle Johnson, was shot and killed in her home. Her three children were present as well as the father of the children, Tyvell Morris. Morris claims that a stranger was about to open the front door. Morris claims that he fired at the intruder. He blames this stranger for the killing of Ms. Johnson and wounding of himself. Morris claims he ran out of the house, first saying he was chasing the killer, then saying he was looking for the police.
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Our support of the work of groups engaged in implementing progressive ideas is aligned with our support of existing community leaders who are already engaged in advancing progressive change but may need assistance. Our interest is in providing charitable support for fully functioning activities created around progressive causes like school integration, immigrant rights, and other efforts developed at a grassroots level.
            The support provided can be direct charitable resources, or educational support that is viewed as a needed tool by the community leader. Our role is to enrich and sustain work that is already in operation. We place our confidence in individuals who demonstrate their role as community leaders through their organizing work. We are flexible in measuring outcomes but expect some specific parameters for how our support will advance the community work.