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​​​​In PROFILED, racial profiling and police brutality are explored through the stories of Black and Latin mothers of unarmed victims of fatal police shootings. The film goes beyond beyond an account of bereavement, to show the resilience and strength of ordinary people as they transition from grieving parents to activists who fight back against racial injustice.
          Since the widely circulated video of the killing of Eric Garner on Staten Island in a police officer’s choke hold and the killing of Michel Brown a few days later in Ferguson, Missouri, the issues and concerns raised by these women now resonate across the nation. Demonstrations against police brutality that previously attracted only hundreds of protesters have swelled to thousands.

          Director and Producer Kathleen Foster makes films for community organizations. She produces independent documentaries that combine history, current events and individual stories with a focus on grassroots struggles for change. Her newest film has been in progress for almost two years. Police brutality has now become the center of explosive controversy in media and society.
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P R O F I L E D: Directed by Kathleen foster