Battling the Covid-19 Pandemic

As we are currently required to close our office and shelter at home we are unable to pick up checks. Please use bank to bank transfers via Zelle. Nearly all banks are linked to this system and it is free both to you and to the Len Ragozin Foundation.

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Many donors will ask, reasonably, why they should donate to the Len Ragozin Foundation as we face this overwhelming crisis. Our answer is simple – we can be trusted. Our years of experience, our track record, is the best evidence that we will direct the donations wisely and humanely.

The Foundation’s record of Grants always focuses on those most in need:

  • The Puerto Rico Brigade!
    A multiracial group of over two dozen college students and teachers traveled to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. They worked with local community organizers on everything from rebuilding homes to joining marches and protests demanding greater government action.
  • Support for Detainees at the Texas-Mexico Border!
    A nationwide call to action as workers struggling to gain asylum at the Texas-Mexico border were instead locked in detention camps under appalling conditions. Dozens of participants joined with organizations on the ground in Texas in solidarity.

The Foundation is already at work:

  • Providing Free Meals in neighborhoods of undocumented workers!
    Meals provided by local restaurants serve multiple goals by feeding the most needy while providing jobs to workers in the restaurant industry, which has been devastated. More news on this project as it develops.

We Are Actively Seeking Grant applications for similar projects!
We are reaching out to our network of community organizers and accelerating the Grant process to get support to where it is needed.

Please do not mail checks at this time. Use bank to bank transfers via Zelle.

Progressive Ideas in Practice

We seek to provide support for groups working on new, innovative ways to put progressive ideas into practice. Groups working on topics from education to immigration are challenged to create thoughtful, practical ways to bring about meaningful change in a measurable way in the real world.

   We are fully aware that any single attempt to put ideas into practice may not result in measurable change on a large scale. We are interested in the organized attempt and the originality of the approach. We are committed to the process of experimentation while being patient with the measurement of outcomes. The interaction of ideas with efforts at implementation is a protracted one that we believe will enrich the experience of the groups involved.

​​ advancing progressive ideas and actions