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The Green Book Chronicles, a film by Calvin Alexander Ramsey & Becky Wible Searles, is the story of the Green Book which was published by Harlem-based U.S. Post Office letter carrier, Victor H. Green, from 1936 to 1967 as a travel guide for African-Americans during the days of Jim Crow laws.

The Green Book listed the addresses of tourist homes, gas stations, restaurants, beauty parlors, and other establishments that welcomed African-Americans. Even outside the deep South, travel could be inconvenient, embarrassing, or even dangerous. There were no phone numbers listed in the book, only addresses, so patrons would simply show up and be invited in, somewhat like a 20th century Underground Railroad.

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The Word Is Love

We are a small organization but we “fight above our weight”! Our grants, fundraising and local organizing activities give a boost to social justice, anti-racist and anti-sexist projects that are otherwise ignored by larger foundations. We aim to affect change at the grass roots level where we can have the most impact. Our track record speaks to the success of our approach.
Our contributions provide the seed money and resources the recipients need to grow and thrive. We also maintain long-term ties with many of the groups we support. We are committed to ongoing support and follow-up discussions. The Foundation benefits as much as our recipients from these exchanges as we constantly seek to improve our own work. Please see the accompanying page with photos of some of the work by our most recent grant recipients.
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In June, over twenty faculty members and students from New York area colleges joined a solidarity brigade that traveled to Puerto Rico to conduct advocacy and volunteer work on the island. In the aftermath of September 2017’s Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican workers have valiantly been fighting against school closings, privatizations which caused layoffs, and the weakening of teacher unions. In addition they have worked heroically on the rebuilding of homes and communities. Members of the Brigade worked on rebuilding projects with the workers of Puerto Rico, also joining in union meetings and marches. They built solid friendships and are already planning the next trip.

Detroit 48202:
​Conversations Along a Postal Route

The Puerto Rico Brigade Project

A film by Pam Sporn, Detroit 48202: Conversations Along A Postal Route is a remarkable journey through Detroit at a crossroads. Our guide is Wendell Watkins, an African-American mail carrier, giving voice to the working-class Detroiters he has faithfully served for thirty years, seamlessly weaving nuanced stories and history about segregation, challenging disinvestment, and still reimagining an inclusive and equitable city. A man, a postal route, a committed community and a changing city.

The Green Book Chronicles

A film by Marika Turano, The Word is Love’s goal is to make children of incarcerated parents visible, since they are seldom seen and to give them a voice since they are rarely, if ever, heard. Right now, over 2.7 million children in the United States have an incarcerated parent. Approximately 7 million children have experienced parental incarceration at some point in their lives. We know little about the personal and social costs involved. The Word Is Love gives our subjects an opportunity to tell their stories in their own words. This film will tell a story about incarceration in a way that is truly unique. 

​​​​The Len Ragozin Foundation’s mission is to encourage debate and discussion of trends in progressive politics, explore cutting edge practices in the area of social activism, develop cultural projects that explore areas of progressive issues and provide charitable assistance to individuals and groups striving to improve their long-term situation though increased education and/or gain meaningful experience in an ​area of community service.

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Progressive Ideas in Practice

We seek to provide support for groups working on new, innovative ways to put progressive ideas into practice. Groups working on topics from education to immigration are challenged to create thoughtful, practical ways to bring about meaningful change in a measurable way in the real world.

   We are fully aware that any single attempt to put ideas into practice may not result in measurable change on a large scale. We are interested in the organized attempt and the originality of the approach. We are committed to the process of experimentation while being patient with the measurement of outcomes. The interaction of ideas with efforts at implementation is a protracted one that we believe will enrich the experience of the groups involved.